t minus 10

Blouse: Zara; Dress worn as skirt: Zara; Jacket: Old Navy; Belt: Anthro; Necklace: Jcrew; Watch: MK; Shoes: Nine West
What do you do when you're totally lacking inspiration?  
You let your husband pick out your outfit.  
I told him that I wanted to wear my camo jacket and this is what he came up with.
I think he did pretty good.  He definitely got me past the mental block I was having! :)

I am T minus 10 days until I finish the 30 for 30.  
I will admit, I thought it would be super easy, but life got in the way.  I still think that taking the photos is the most difficult part and I wish I would have done this more consistently since July, but I did my best.  And I will finish.

Thinking about my long weekend that's in front of me! We are headed away to one of the most peaceful places within driving distance.  It also has no internet connection and very limited cell phone service.  I can't wait.  Hurricane Irene - Slow yourself down girl!


Anonymous said...

Take your time! (and maybe let husband pick out outfits more often, the boy has a good eye!)


Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

He did well! I'm in love with all of the colors in the garments you chose for your remix. And I love this green top, and I especially love it when you pair it with turquoise!

Sarah said...

I recently wore something like this, but the opposite! I have this great mint green pleated mini tennis skirt that I pair with a black and white striped top and wedges. Had an aqua-colored bracelet on with it, instead of the turquoise necklace you're sporting. LOVE this look! I'm inspired to wear mine again but with a little jacket next time :o)

Sil said...

I admire your commitment to the 30 for 30. You are doing awesome so far! And props to your husband for picking the outfit.

Shea said...

I think your husband did AWESOME! When I saw this look, I wanted to recreate it myself!! So I guess your husband is picking out other people's outfits as well :) Well done hubs!

Linda (little tin soldier) said...

This outfit is perfect! You look lovely in green, and you know I love stripes. :o)

Van said...

Your Hubs did a great job picking out the outfit! I am loving the stripes with camo. You make camo look so feminine. I might do an experiment and see what my Hubby comes up with for me (considering his recent comment that I looked like a "fairy", did not sit well with me). Hah!
Van // The Clothes We Wear

Simply Bubblelicious said...

Good job hubs! Nice job.

tinajo said...

Good job by your hubby - not sure mine could pull that off..! :-D

Lovely green!

Hayley said...

Mt gosh he is a pro! I am new to your blog and already see about 10 items I would like to steal from you and add to my closet! I love your style.. its chic feminine and current! great blog and be safe from irene!!


Coll said...

Good job hubby! Love this look. Especially all the green.

Maira Gall