turning a house into a home

This is not my house. But I really wish it was. Those FLOORS! The decor! I'm ready to move in!  This is Pinterest's house. I love the inspiration you can get from the pinterest community!

Spring is practically upon us and I feel like i need to PUSH through a bunch of  lingering house projects.  Let me just say,  I am giving myself a break here. Having three babies and a dog means that we basically have four uninterrupted hours per weekend to work on things.  And when I say things, I mean ALL Things, not just house things. Like grocery shopping, laundry, cleaning, etc., but I know that's everybody's story, so I'll spare you the complaining.  Feel free to commiserate with me though.

We bought our first house more than a year ago and we have been working really hard to make it a home.  With a lot of help from my very patient and handy father and a lot of "talk-throughs" with my very visually acute mother, I feel like we are finally making progress!

When we first started doing things in the house, everything was so daunting.  There was so much work to do that no matter how hard we worked, we just couldn't really SEE the progress.  I have to say, we are finally getting to the point where we are doing some of the finish work - finalizing details, painting, putting up fixtures and now we can actually SEE the progress.  After all the major stuff is done, the "decorating" can be done ... which sometimes takes me a while.  A long while.

Anyway, my goal is to get a bunch of this stuff D-O-N-E before summer, so that I can enjoy a sangria on my back porch without feeling like I should be doing something. 

I said this last summer.  I'm saying it again. In hopes that it will come true.  Wish me luck with some of these projects... and enjoy these gorgeous photos that are inspiring me to get moving... and be cleaner!

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kelly said...

I want a blog tour of your house!

Meg said...

I ditto Kelly about the blog tour of your home. Also, I feel you on the making the house yours. I have so much to do to make our house feel lived in.

Maira Gall