so I bought a house

So, I bought a house. First time in my young adulthood that I can say that. Blame the army, they kept moving me to undesirable places with the promise of moving me again, before I could claim tax advantage. The house is in a neighborhood that we think we will love. We think the boys will love. If we don't love it, we will move in a little bit. We can blame the Army for that attitude too. You know, I never thought that the Army would have such an impact on me, but there it is. I digress. I think everyone should write blog posts after a bottle of celebratory champagne. Shared with another person, of course. Or maybe yourself. Whatever you fancy.

So, back to this house. Its not my dream house. Zero curb appeal, neighbors I could spit on they are so close, and a fireplace built by Barney Rubble (am I dating myself? I think so.), but it has a lot of great things. It needs some work. I needs some elbow grease, it's in a flood zone - yes. Flood zone. It needs a little updating vision, but I think we're up to the task. At least I hope we are. I think its the Army wives influence (Stephanie Howell) that are telling me to put together the boys' rooms first. Its on my plan. I've had the vision in my head for their rooms. I have put it down on paper. I have a notebook. I have a date to home depot... tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm probably not conveying my excitement. Or at least, the requisite amount. I don't know that I've allowed myself to feel excitement. Yet. We have moved into so many places that were not our own, I'm not sure how to feel about a place that IS my own. I think it might creep in. When I realize I can hang pictures without worrying about my security deposit. Or curtains. Or when I can pick my own blinds or replace the stove that doesn't work. Realistically, probably after I pay my first mortgage payment. Then I will know its mine. For better or for worse. This is what I would imagine a stress full marriage is like (fortunately, haven't had one of those).  Then I will know its mine to make the best of.

For now, the above picture is from my dream house board.  Pictures that are of a house that I do not own. That I will not turn my current house into. That I will never see in my real life. But you know what? I'm going to make new pictures. Pictures that make my house look better to me. Pictures that might not be of my "dream house," but show up in my dreams. And maybe, on someone elses pinterest.

Wish me luck and house love. Our backs need it!


stephanie howell said...

I am so damn happy for you guys. And I think you are conveying the perfect amount of Leigh-esque excitement. I can actually hear this post in your voice. Which I love.

We wish we were there to drink some prosecco and tell you guys congratulations and we love you!


Meg said...

I love this post. It literally made me smile. I'm so excited that you've planted roots and am embarking on this new adventure.

You're hilarious. Have I told you that? Can't wait to hang out again!


Lydia Piscioneri said...

Your post is too funny, Leigh! Hahaha! Anyway, I'm sure everything will fall into place eventually. Your dream home looks stunning, by the way. I hope to see more photos of your new house soon. I've seen the kitchen inspiration, and needless to say, I'm excited as to how it will turn out. Good luck and all the best! :)

Lydia Piscioneri @ Credit Group

Oliver Matthews said...

For a second there, I really thought that was your new house. It's so beautiful. I can see myself lounging around that house's pool area, as I think you do as well. Hahaha! Don't worry, getting your dream house might not be as far off in the future as you think it might be, Leigh. Wishing you all the best!

Oliver Matthews @ Flower & Fendler

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