Several months ago, our Mr. Coffee Coffee Maker died a slow and weird death. No matter how much water I would pour into it, the machine would only brew three cups of coffee. I cleaned it.  I took it apart.  I tried to MacGyver it.  I even attempted to outsmart it. Nothing worked. I was bested by a coffee pot.

So one day, after trying to make a "12 cup" pot and getting the standard 3 cups --- forgetting to tell D that the coffee was so strong it could launch a nuclear missile --- then almost watching his heart beat out of his chest (oops) --- I triumphantly walked the maker down the call to the garbage chute for a long and clunky "burial at shoot." Ciao Mr. Coffee!

Now I'm looking for a new coffee maker that will make a good cup, will fit nicely into my limited NYC Apartment cabinet space and looks cute. In that order. Unfortunately. (Can't upset the ex Army coffee drinker in my house. I'll have to do push ups or something.) Here are some of the options.

1. Bialetti Moka Espresso Maker
2. Bodum Chambord French Press (We actually have this one, but its in our storage unit and we haven't seen it in three years)
3. Chemex 8 Cup Coffee Maker
4. Bodum Pebo Santos Vacuum Coffemaker
5. Medelco 8 Cup Percolator
6. Paula Deen Stovetop Percolator
7. Bonjour 8 Cup French Press Red
8. Hario Cold Water Coffee Brewer  - Is this thing crazy looking or what?

Like your coffee maker? Please leave me a comment with suggestions. Seriously.

Also, check out Cindy Loughridge's 365 Days of Coffee for some brew inspiration and gorgeous photos!


cocopuff1212 said...

We have No.1 and No.2. I like the French Press the best, because I can control the length of time the coffee sits in the water. I think Moka Express brews rather strong coffee. For the morning coffee, I use mostly the French Press, and for coffee after dinner, I tend to use Moka Express.

Meg said...

This is hilarious. I'd pick cute as one of my first criteria. But what do I know... I don't even drink coffee!

Tracy said...

lol, your poor hubby, lol.
As for a new coffee maker, I shouldn't even be able to comment to this post as I hate the taste of coffee, unless it is a coffee crisp chocolate bar, teehee.
I do have a coffee maker which has lasted us 20 yrs as my SIL bought it for us so she can have coffee when she visits, lol.

#My2Cents said...

I began looking for an alternative to coffeemakers that last maybe 6 mos, rarely a year. I've been researching number 5 and found your post lol!
Nothing purchased at this time

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