Friday, July 24

Five Awesome Things you Need for this Weekend!

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1. This tutorial from Domino. Usually I end up rolling this thing into a ball out of frustration. Nice to know I was doing it half right!

2. The Nordstrom Sale! Get on it ladies. Fall is around the corner and there are some great deals!

3. This video I saw on Facebook that literally had me laughing so hard, I just had to watch it again and again. I don't know if its is real, but its funny because I often feel like this when I'm loading the car, can't collapse the stroller, the boys are annoyed about being in their seats and the "pack mule" (that's me) isn't moving fast enough.

4. These books from Puffin Classics that are just a beautiful way to start a library for little people.

5. Thug Life Shirts for making some of the funniest shirts I've seen in a while. I'm getting this one for my husband. Its appropriate. Believe me.

Hope you have a great weekend. Hopefully, more from me next week as I get thoughts organized and roll out some good content!

Tuesday, August 19

kitchen inspiration: whitewashed

One of the first things we did when we closed on this house was start to work on the kitchen.

This meant removal of the asbestos linoleum (3 layers).  Getting rid of the stove that the inspector told us was a fire hazard.  Under all the linoleum was the original FRAISER FUR HARDWOOD.  A lot of little holes had been cut in it and there was some water damage, but we decided to have them refinished anyway.  Most of the patched holes and water damage was going to end up under the counters anyway, so you can't see much of it.

Pulling down the cabinets.  When we took down the cabinets, a lot of the plaster came with them.  Once that happened, it was just easier to take down the plaster, lathe and insulate and put up sheetrock.  Hopefully, this will make the kitchen more energy efficient in the long run.

We didn't plan on a total gut-renovation, but there was a lot of work that needed to be done.  We had only one plug in the whole kitchen.  The only light switch was over and behind the refrigerator, I kid you not.  The previous owner was obviously a very tall and flexible gentleman. 

I need to get some pictures up, but in the meantime, here is some inspiration I'm working from. :)  None of these kitchens look like ours.  Our kitchen is not nearly as big as these.  Our is modest "new england" size, if any of you know what I mean by that.  But pretty doesn't have to be big and I'm working on my dream... all white kitchen!

White Kitchen Design Ideas To Inspire You 3

Sunday, May 4

so I bought a house

So, I bought a house. First time in my young adulthood that I can say that. Blame the army, they kept moving me to undesirable places with the promise of moving me again, before I could claim tax advantage. The house is in a neighborhood that we think we will love. We think the boys will love. If we don't love it, we will move in a little bit. We can blame the Army for that attitude too. You know, I never thought that the Army would have such an impact on me, but there it is. I digress. I think everyone should write blog posts after a bottle of celebratory champagne. Shared with another person, of course. Or maybe yourself. Whatever you fancy.

So, back to this house. Its not my dream house. Zero curb appeal, neighbors I could spit on they are so close, and a fireplace built by Barney Rubble (am I dating myself? I think so.), but it has a lot of great things. It needs some work. I needs some elbow grease, it's in a flood zone - yes. Flood zone. It needs a little updating vision, but I think we're up to the task. At least I hope we are. I think its the Army wives influence (Stephanie Howell) that are telling me to put together the boys' rooms first. Its on my plan. I've had the vision in my head for their rooms. I have put it down on paper. I have a notebook. I have a date to home depot... tomorrow.

Anyway, I'm probably not conveying my excitement. Or at least, the requisite amount. I don't know that I've allowed myself to feel excitement. Yet. We have moved into so many places that were not our own, I'm not sure how to feel about a place that IS my own. I think it might creep in. When I realize I can hang pictures without worrying about my security deposit. Or curtains. Or when I can pick my own blinds or replace the stove that doesn't work. Realistically, probably after I pay my first mortgage payment. Then I will know its mine. For better or for worse. This is what I would imagine a stress full marriage is like (fortunately, haven't had one of those).  Then I will know its mine to make the best of.

For now, the above picture is from my dream house board.  Pictures that are of a house that I do not own. That I will not turn my current house into. That I will never see in my real life. But you know what? I'm going to make new pictures. Pictures that make my house look better to me. Pictures that might not be of my "dream house," but show up in my dreams. And maybe, on someone elses pinterest.

Wish me luck and house love. Our backs need it!

Friday, March 7

Friday, i'm in Love

1. By now, maybe you have already seen this awesome graphic about the history of Oscar dresses from Mediarun Digital, but its worth another share if you haven't.  Interestingly, Katherine Hebpurn, took home 4 Oscars, but never accepted in person, so no dress. Same with Sophia Loren.  I feel like we missed out on have a few very cool and glam dresses in this lineup due to those absences. Right !?

2. Which brings me to Kate Spade Saturday. Yes, I know it's Friday, but I could spend any day of the week shopping Saturday, Kate Spades own version of J Crew Factory!!!!!!!!!!!  Now we can all afford the "real thing."  Well, almost. Thanks Katie!! I'll take one of these and this and that one too.

3. This Lime Shrimp and Avocado recipe from Pinterest. I've made it twice already and it's idiot proof.  Like I said, I've made it twice. It is SO GOOD!. Just a little taste of summer. We have been eating it over mixed greens or romaine for dinner.

4. A little background music from this group - Pentatonix. Check out their You Tube Channel, its very cool. I love the covers they do! Here they are signing Royals. I saw them on Sesame Street.... What is my life coming to?

5. Finally, whether you call them donuts or doughnuts, this old article in Saveur - America's 50 Best Donuts - will likely give you a weekend destination.  I can't wait to try some of the new ones. I am dying for a good donut. If you follow my instagram feed, you might notice my breakfast posts. I'm trying to make myself eat the "most important meal of the day." Proof is undeniable.  Maybe a doughnut for Sunday! #30daysofbfast

Enjoy your weekend everybody!! I'm getting this one handed blogging thing down.

Tuesday, February 25

Simplify: wallet

I have actually been working on my one little word these past few weeks. Thought I would share an update. So, I started small.  My purse, not small enough, so I went for my wallet and keychain. Ok, let's be real, I had 4 key chains. Yes 4, but thats another story.  I needed to slim down my wallet and do something about all those rewards cards on my keychain(s).  Enter my smartphone and the app KEYRING.  Simply load up your cards, scan the bar codes and you are good to go. It even works for gift cards (I never seem to have them when I'm in the actual store) and hotel loyalty programs (I have a ton of those).

I've been using it for a couple weeks now and it's pretty awesome. It's also free. My wallet thanks you KEYRING

How are you guys doing with one little word? Link me up some posts for inspiration!

Monday, January 6

One little word


Simplify.  This year I decided that I would adopt "one little word" as a mantra for 2014.  I decided this word as I was decorating my Christmas tree on December 23rd. I was 40 plus weeks pregnant and strategizing tree decorating to accommodate my belly, my dog and my very tall 18 month old.  I got the lights and about a dozen ornaments on the tree and then realized that I had both run out of steam and safe space for ornaments.  Despite being sparse with ornaments, the tree was beautiful.  Christmas was wonderful.   We were blessed with the birth of my son on Christmas day.  Our tree with its bright lights and 12 ornaments was no less festive.  And, as I undecorated it last weekend with my 6 day old baby, those 12 ornaments were just manageable under the circumstances.   

My hope is to simplify so I can worry less and enjoy more.  Simplify everything from my overflowing closet to my bookshelves to the number of TV shows I watch.  Wherever I can simplify, I want to.  I am hoping this will lead to more time.  More time for my husband, my kids, my family.  More time to enjoy things that I can never seem to find the time for.  Taking pictures. Reading. Putting photos into albums.  Catching up with friends. Cooking.  The list goes on.

Last night I took my first step toward simplifying. I sorted through my massive collection of clothes. Some still with tags (the shame!!!).   I have two large racks. One for "goodwill."  One for SELL.  I am hoping to do a little blitz sale here online in the next couple of weeks - dresses, jeans, accessories.  Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. I hope some of my favorites will go to someone who has time to wear them!  I hope there is some interest.  I would much rather do it through my blog or Instagram than on eBay.  Any thoughts? Interest?

Anybody else doing one little word? I want to know!

Wednesday, December 18

last minute gift guide: for the Munchkins

1. BlaBla Dolls - I love Sox the Fox and Andiamo the Dog is pretty cool too.

2. Hape Walk-a-Long Puppy -I don't know a munchkin who doesn't love a  puppy, so why not one that they can walk on their own. You know, until they are ready for the real thing

3. Skip Hop Bath Toys - These are some of my little guys favorites. Love them. Endless dunking in the tub and then throw in dishwasher to clean!

4. Land of Nod Teepee - Comes in multiple colors and gives the little guys a great place to play peek-a-boo and hide and seek.

5. Freshly Picked Moccasins - I would Love for Colton to have these to wear until he's too big. They are so beautiful.  If they're not in your budget, Minnetonka Baby Fringe Booties for the little ones are also beautiful and the Minnetonka Suede Backflap Boot.

6. Plan Toys Palomino Rocking Horse - I also like the Hape Rock and Ride Rocking Horse such great takes on classic toys.

7. Playon Crayon - Stylish, non-toxic and adorable, these are the perfect set of first crayons for little baby hands!

8. Lucky Bums Wood Toboggan - A classic gift that I can't help but add considering all this beautiful snow that we've been getting lately.

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