30 for 30 Complete!

Dress: Zara; Necklaces: Twisted Pearl strands PX; Shoes: Nine West; Watch: Kenneth Cole

This 30 for 30 has been brought to you by:

Director & Editor: The DayLeigh
Director of Photography/Cameraman: D
Production Stylist: The DayLeigh, D, sometimes the laundry
Apparel: J Crew, Zara, Asos, Banana Republic, Hunter, Nine West
The color: Red (never would have thought that)
The pattern: Stripe

I think if Zara made this dress in ever color, I'd buy it.  Seriously. This is a flattering for any body type dress.  This purple color came out at the end of the summer and I just had to have it.

The end of this 30 for 30 comes at a good time.  I'm getting ready to pack up my summer clothes and pull out my fall clothes.  I'm going to augment my fall wardrobe with a few things that I've been admiring for a while.  And, I'm going to start a new project.  Yes, a new Project!  (I love these kinds of things.)

In the meantime, I've missed my shoes, so I'm planning on trying every pair on and prancing around my apartment in them. I'm sure my downstairs neighbors will love that. :)
Cha Cha Cha!

Where's my spaghetti!? ;)


Julie said...

You look so fantastic and I love the last picture you posted. That dress is superb.



P.S. You inspired a look that I posted today and I linked to you in the post:) Thanks for all the inspiration for terrific outfit styling!

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

Congratulations! I'm seriously amazed that you stuck with it. TOTALLY PROUD OF YA!

Style Journey said...

Congrats on finishing the 30x30! I always admire you ladies who conquer this challenge. I am too much of an emotional dresser to do this challenge.

And this dress is absolutely fantastic! The color is gorgeous and you are seriously rocking it.


TheDayleigh said...

Thanks girls! I'm glad I stuck with it because it got me out of a rut and I so enjoyed watching all of you and finding new blogs to read. That last picture is victory! :)

Bravoe Runway said...

Congratulations on completing the 30x30 challenge! You are right, that dress was awesome from Zara, I hesitated to get it and by the time I returned...sold out! It looks great on you!

EverydayMomStyle said...

Wow! You did it! Nice job! This dress is stunning and looks so lovely on you. I love the nude heels too!

Van @ The Clothes We Wear said...

Gorgeous, Leigh! Way to stick with the 30 for 30. I agree with Heather, I dress according to mood and ended up missing the rest of my closet too much. You did a most excellent job.

Shea said...

Woohoo, congrats on finishing your 30! And that dress is such a great way to finish it too--I love the shape and that color looks gorgeous on you!

Simply Bubblelicious said...

Congrats! and that dress ROCKS!!!

Cathy said...

Congrats! I LOVE that blue dress...so great on you!

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