girly birthday party - Step 1 - The cake!

My little girl is turning one pretty soon and I've been having daydreams of these super PINK birthday parties.  Honestly though, a pink birthday party is kind of a nightmare for me. I'm just so not a pink person, but suddenly, after two boys... I feel like I NEEEEEED pink.
 What is wrong with me? I've been pinning birthday cakes like a fat kid.

But seriously, how cute are these? I definitely need one that I can make myself. Although that triple decker is too adorable, but a little overkill for a family party at my house. So, I've narrowed it down (today) to these choices. I think I can do these myself. A couple of them come with tutorials, which will help.  

I wonder if most mom's make the cake or just buy the cake? Seems to be divided among my friends.  I like making them, although its stressful to be doing it at the last minute.

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Meg said...

Leigh! These are so fun! Do the pink ombre. It's seriously so easy! You can do it!

Maira Gall