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Anthony Bourdain Interview
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The news of Anthony Bourdain's death last week hit me in a strange way.  I became a fan years ago, watching No Reservations with my husband. We watched and smiled seeing foods that we tried and places that we enjoyed.  Bourdain described them as they were and as only he could describe them.  My husband enthusiastically read his book, Kitchen Confidential - essential knowledge as we moved back to Manhattan. We always saw him with a smile, enjoying the things in life that were meaningful to us - culture, food, travel and friends (if you watched his show you know Eric Ripert (or "Ripper") was one of his closest.) And so, it was shocking that he would leave this Earth, in the midst of doing something he seemed to love with his best friend.  The depth of his anguish and pain must have been tremendous.  The desperation to be at peace, unlike anything I hope I will ever have to know.

RIP Mr. Bourdain.  The world will be a less authentic place without your words and your thoughts.

As a spouse of a military veteran, suicide is a consistent topic of discussion throughout our community. Depression is an illness. It requires treatment. It is not about perspective or a failure to make yourself happy. While I have not had to experience this myself, I know many who have fought it.  If you are experiencing signs of depression, please get help. If you are watching someone try and fight depression, please encourage them to get help. A General Practitioner, your family doctor, can be a start to getting help.  Don't make an appointment, just walk into the doctors office and ask for help.  Keep pushing until something works because there are things that can work.

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