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Three words:
instagram... vintage... balenciaga

I started following Balenciaga on Instagram.  They post vintage photos.  They post vintage photos of Jackie Kennedy wearing Balenciaga.  I'm not sure its possible to love an instagram feed, but I might be falling in love.  Like the bachelorettes falling for the Bachelor.  A "Like - Love."  Ok, no. just got away from myself for a moment.  Its actually more serious than that.  Those women make my skin crawl.  These pictures do not. These pictures make me smile.

Stunning, Right?!  These images remind me to wear clothes that make me feel like a girl.  Sometimes I just have to put the jeans aside and take my hair out of a pony tail.  Uh....Even if its just when I'm getting ready for bed. :) 

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Coll said...

I totally love this. I am so going to have to look up balenciaga on my instagram. What's your instagram username? I want to follow!

The bustle in that second dress should be the bustle for my wedding dress - its stunning!

Maira Gall