sweater weather

Dress: Asos; Sweather: Jcrew factory; Belt: thrifted; Bag: Zara; Shoes: CK

I haven't the faintest idea where the last version of this blog post went, but its gone. Evidently forever. I wish I could remember what I wrote, let me attempt to recreate....
Fall has truly arrived.  I had to put on a sweater and a coat to walk Seamus this morning.
Fall is just in time as I finally round out my summer version of 30 for 30.
Feel free to laugh that it took me this long. I laugh at myself frequently for lesser things.

This little dress will be one of the pieces that I miss this fall.
It was my go-to dress for casual dinners out with D.
I could even get away with it at work with a blazer and flats.

Thank you for the comments/suggestions on what do to with my purge-fest clothes and shoes.
Hopefully, some of my cute shoes can go to a nice home. :)


Cathy said...

OMG! LOVE this dress!!!

Anonymous said...

you look like a model!
love love this dress.

Coll said...

still in love with this dress!

genevieve said...

I am totally, totally loving that dress! It's so adorable and versatile, and your outfit is perfection. You've got such a lovely blog!

TheDayleigh said...

The best part about the dress is that its super comfortable!

Maira Gall