Simplify: wallet

I have actually been working on my one little word these past few weeks. Thought I would share an update. So, I started small.  My purse, not small enough, so I went for my wallet and keychain. Ok, let's be real, I had 4 key chains. Yes 4, but thats another story.  I needed to slim down my wallet and do something about all those rewards cards on my keychain(s).  Enter my smartphone and the app KEYRING.  Simply load up your cards, scan the bar codes and you are good to go. It even works for gift cards (I never seem to have them when I'm in the actual store) and hotel loyalty programs (I have a ton of those).

I've been using it for a couple weeks now and it's pretty awesome. It's also free. My wallet thanks you KEYRING

How are you guys doing with one little word? Link me up some posts for inspiration!


Meg said...

you crack me up. Can't wait to see how you simplify the contents of my purse. I have too many "essentials" that mine is always packed to the brim… and sometimes I carry and extra purse. woops!

stephanie howell said...

So darn happy to see you blogging again, sweet friend. xoxo

Maira Gall