One little word


Simplify.  This year I decided that I would adopt "one little word" as a mantra for 2014.  I decided this word as I was decorating my Christmas tree on December 23rd. I was 40 plus weeks pregnant and strategizing tree decorating to accommodate my belly, my dog and my very tall 18 month old.  I got the lights and about a dozen ornaments on the tree and then realized that I had both run out of steam and safe space for ornaments.  Despite being sparse with ornaments, the tree was beautiful.  Christmas was wonderful.   We were blessed with the birth of my son on Christmas day.  Our tree with its bright lights and 12 ornaments was no less festive.  And, as I undecorated it last weekend with my 6 day old baby, those 12 ornaments were just manageable under the circumstances.   

My hope is to simplify so I can worry less and enjoy more.  Simplify everything from my overflowing closet to my bookshelves to the number of TV shows I watch.  Wherever I can simplify, I want to.  I am hoping this will lead to more time.  More time for my husband, my kids, my family.  More time to enjoy things that I can never seem to find the time for.  Taking pictures. Reading. Putting photos into albums.  Catching up with friends. Cooking.  The list goes on.

Last night I took my first step toward simplifying. I sorted through my massive collection of clothes. Some still with tags (the shame!!!).   I have two large racks. One for "goodwill."  One for SELL.  I am hoping to do a little blitz sale here online in the next couple of weeks - dresses, jeans, accessories.  Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. I hope some of my favorites will go to someone who has time to wear them!  I hope there is some interest.  I would much rather do it through my blog or Instagram than on eBay.  Any thoughts? Interest?

Anybody else doing one little word? I want to know!


Meg said...

I am! Mine is "true"!

stephanie howell said...

yes to simplifying.
yes to taking time to just BREATHE.
yes to doing one little word!
yes to a clothing sale,
and yes on the blog.

Maira Gall