Friday, i'm in Love

1. By now, maybe you have already seen this awesome graphic about the history of Oscar dresses from Mediarun Digital, but its worth another share if you haven't.  Interestingly, Katherine Hebpurn, took home 4 Oscars, but never accepted in person, so no dress. Same with Sophia Loren.  I feel like we missed out on have a few very cool and glam dresses in this lineup due to those absences. Right !?

2. Which brings me to Kate Spade Saturday. Yes, I know it's Friday, but I could spend any day of the week shopping Saturday, Kate Spades own version of J Crew Factory!!!!!!!!!!!  Now we can all afford the "real thing."  Well, almost. Thanks Katie!! I'll take one of these and this and that one too.

3. This Lime Shrimp and Avocado recipe from Pinterest. I've made it twice already and it's idiot proof.  Like I said, I've made it twice. It is SO GOOD!. Just a little taste of summer. We have been eating it over mixed greens or romaine for dinner.

4. A little background music from this group - Pentatonix. Check out their You Tube Channel, its very cool. I love the covers they do! Here they are signing Royals. I saw them on Sesame Street.... What is my life coming to?

5. Finally, whether you call them donuts or doughnuts, this old article in Saveur - America's 50 Best Donuts - will likely give you a weekend destination.  I can't wait to try some of the new ones. I am dying for a good donut. If you follow my instagram feed, you might notice my breakfast posts. I'm trying to make myself eat the "most important meal of the day." Proof is undeniable.  Maybe a doughnut for Sunday! #30daysofbfast

Enjoy your weekend everybody!! I'm getting this one handed blogging thing down.

Maira Gall