Friday, I'm in Love

Sometimes I have a really hard time blogging. What do people want to read? What do they want to see? Am I being too personal? Am I being too impersonal? Its a weird rotating conversation that goes on in my head. So today I'm borrowing an idea from a couple bloggers, including my sweet friend Kelly's Five on Friday.

So here are my five....

1. This quote by Mark Twain.  I can't agree more. Getting out of my bubble and seeing how other people in this world live, love and laugh give me a tremendous amount of perspective and appreciation for what I have.

2. This delicious looking recipe for Apple Cider Donuts (for those of you who are much better bakers), reminds me that its ok to drive an hour to pay $3 for a half dozen donuts because my culinary talent simply doesn't extend that far.

3. These booties from the GAP for the fall.  I also like the biker boots.  I'm not really an ankle boot girl, but I'm pretty stoked about these beauties.

4. H&M's Home Collection.  There are some really cool things in here. I am in love with the candles.

5. All of the great Christmas and Thanksgiving ideas on Pinterest.  I may need to start a "holiday" board.  Who is with me!?


kelly said...


also i want everything in that H+M home store, i had no idea it existed. woweeee.

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

I didn't know H&M had a home store!

And, blog about anything! You'll figure out soon enough what people want to read or see or what you actually like writing about, but you've gotta start somewhere. No hurt in trial and error!

Maira Gall