Friday, I'm in Love (even on a Wednesday)

Cozy: Mother Jessica Shyba says she almost woke the two up the first time they fell asleep for a nap because she was 'practically howling at the cuteness'

So I missed my Friday post last week.  This is a Wednesday, I'm in love post. More goodness on Friday again!  I have an excuse for my lateness.  My little baby must have heard about pumpkin pie and tried to make his escape earlier than expected, so I got to stay overnight at the hospital to be monitored.  Lovely.

1.  The listing I found on that said "Cannot access home at this time. Configuration of house is just an opinion. Buyer will be responsible of getting the family member out of the premises, if necessary." Hmmmm....I don't know.  Not really a selling point.

2. These awesome pictures of a boy and his puppy napping together everyday. The cuteness is almost unbearable.

3. The article in the Huffington Post about the Most Important Photos to Take at Your Wedding. I could not agree more with this.  We had unexpected losses after my wedding and almost every memorial included pictures taken at my wedding.  We all felt so lucky to have these snapshots.  Plus, my favorite pics show how happy my husband and I were, how funny my mom was dancing with her old friends, how much I adore my dad, etc. I could care less about my flowers, the lighting or what pair of shoes I wore. Maybe that's just me. Or maybe that's because I only had a few months to plan. Either way, I love how it worked out and love that my photographer got all those moments for me.  Life is about the moments, not the details.

4. This Photo Essay about Aging. I feel like I already look at myself this way a little...I'm going to be terrified in about 10 years.

5. The above bag from Kate Spade (on Zappos) - that's just funny.

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