valentines day for girls

So what do you get a girl for Valentines Day? Or better yet (and more audience appropriate), what do you ask your man for on Valentines Day?


I ask for a love letter.
A sappy love letter. A funny letter.
A "this is what's going on" letter.
A letter complaining that there is letter writing going on (ha!).
Or maybe something as simple as "I love you" over and over again.

There's nothing better than having how someone feels about you or that they thought about you in writing.
Just imagine opening that letter up years from now and reading it and remembering how those sweet words made you feel.  I love a good letter.

When I started writing this post, I remembered that YEARS ago I pulled a sweet letter off the internet that I loved. It reminded me of the letters D wrote me during his deployments. And I still had it. Saved in my Pictures file. Here it is.

Simple, but Sweet. Told you I loved a good letter.

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stephanie howell said...

I couldn't possibly agree more.

Maira Gall