Baby Love

This new mama's prerogative is to dress my little bundle of love in holiday appropriate apparel.  This means all holidays. Because, well, why not?!  

My little man has had Valentine's apparel since December. He seems ok with that and has been wearing his hearts all over Manhattan breaking little hearts along the way.  Ha!  So, here's a little collection of adorable Valentine's Day options - just for fun! I even included girl stuff because it would look so cute on all the sweet baby girls I know!

Does anybody else think that the baby clothes section of any store is like a vortex of adorableness? 
  1. Striped Intarsia One Piece - I have this for my little guy. He wears it all the time
  2. Bobble Sweater - This just looks cuddly
  3. Heart Bathing Suit - Its February in NYC people, but this was just too cute not to include
  4. Citta Baby Booties - To keep sweet feet warm!
  5. Emile Mittens from Mamy Factory - So cute and I like that they have a "rip cord"
  6. Intarsia Love You Sweater - Simple message, love the turtleneck
  7. Heart Peplum Sweater - A Tiny PEPLUM! How could I resist?!
  8. Heartbreaker Onesie - True Story
  9. Seraphine Cap - The little heart earflaps kill me!
  10. Intarsia Heart One Piece - Pink and Grey have to be the best color combo for little girls
  11. Collection Cashmere Heart Sweater - Ok, lets be honest, I am never buying my little drool-factory a cashmere sweater. But, I like the design. I'm sure someone will make a cotton knock off eventually.. :)
  12. Custom Knitted Pillow - This is just beautiful. I think I could get one for myself!


Meg said...

love that little swim suit!

stephanie howell said...

Oh I love everything here. I rarely buy new clothes anymore. With so many little ones, we try to use big sister's hand me downs...but these are making my heart hurt. I want them ALL! I love your styleboards. Pinned this one, too. :)

Maira Gall