I thought this was cute in light of Valentine's Day creeping up around the corner. I have to admit, I ahd to look up Serge & Jane (still not sure who they are) and Sid & Nancy (I thought I knew who they were). 
I would add the following couples:

Lady & the Tramp
Noah & Allie 
Lucy & Ricky (or Desi, in real life)

Then maybe I would add Me and D.  I like our "love story" and it has been an easy love.
Who else would you add to this list?

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Meg said...

Oh I love Noah and Allie. What about Eric and Ariel? haha. Carrie and BIg? haha.

You and Dan are so cute. I love that story that he left the voicemail for another person on your phone.

Maira Gall