valentine's fantasy date

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If tonight were a "date night" for these new parents, this is what I would wear. Topped off with a REALLY good "Southern Comfort" blow out from drybar (wavy, feminine, BIG).

The Date would include a visit to Top of the Rock to catch the spectacular view of the city.

Nothing too fancy or "romantic" for dinner ---  Maybe Tiny's - to sit by the fireplace; The Meatball Shop - to do our version of Lady and the Tramp over meatballs; or maybe a quiet corner of The Breslin - for messy but tasty lamb burgers. We'd stuff ourselves silly.  Walk home for hot toddy's. Cuddle up on the couch and take in a flick. (I would like to say it would be something like The Notebook, but it would more likely be Argo.- ha!)

Instead, we'll give our little naked cupid a bath, kiss him all over, put him to sleep, make ourselves some dinner, walk the dog and .... maybe some of that last paragraph will actually happen. :)

No complaints here!

What are you guys doing?

(this will probably be the end of the clothing posts for a while. Sorry. Was on a little tear there, wasn't I?!)


    Marie-Eve said...

    Pretty !Love the heart patch on the sweater, that would be a cool DIY !
    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

    Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

    So cute! Happy Valentine's Day :)

    jodi said...

    super cute! hope you guys had a nice evening -- whatever it entailed. =)

    Maira Gall