baby, its cold outside

I had every intention of starting to do outfit posts again this weekend.
I had brunch plans with one friend and dinner plans with another, so I had picked out two photographable outfits to share with you all.  But it was just too cold outside!  

My camera wasn't happy.  
My toes weren't happy.  
It was icy.  
It was just not ideal.  

Maybe I just need to start taking pictures inside.  I need to think on that a bit more (and clean my apartment).  Either way, this week I am going to do what I like to call a "Real New York" post.  No matter how busy work is (I just started a new job), it is going to happen.

In the meantime, I will share some pictures of my weekend at this lovely place!

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Sara B. C. said...

Take your pictures inside, it's not such a big deal. I've realised that, since I take mine indoors, I publish outfit posts much more frequently than I used to do. Before, I could do it only once a week. Now I can do it at least twice :D

Sara from

Maira Gall