apartment therapy

Something about the winter and being in my apartment more makes me want to redecorate.  I'm not sure what that's all about, but I've been scouring Pinterest lately for brilliant apartment ideas.  I've come to two conclusions:

1. redecorating my apartment would be easier if I lived in a place where I could drive 
2. I need to PURGE and seriously simplify my life.

Seriously, is it just me or do these places not make you want to clean and simplify?
I'm going to get a trash bag now... Seriously.


Van @ The Clothes We Wear said...

I need to know if there are more photos from the home in image set 5! Love the black and white gallery wall. I will look for you on pinterest!

Coll said...

I love all of these places, especially the girlieness of the last photo!

Maira Gall