keeping resolutions

I'm so happy I'm keeping my New Years resolutions.  Not just because I'm keeping resolutions, but because I'm making myself happy by doing it.  One of my resolutions was to get together more with friends and Resolution #5 was to try one new place to eat a week.  

This weekend I saw two wonderful friends and ate at two new places.  This was no small feat people.  Planning a meal with friends in NYC can sometimes be as challenging as getting together a Vatican counsel.  It involves multiple emails, phone calls and google calendar invites.  To be honest, sometimes its downright ridiculous.  But we all work hard during the week and free weekends are few and far between.  Nevertheless, on Saturday, I finally got to see my good friend E and his g-friend.  

Brunch with E&J was at Centro Vinoteca in Greenwich Village. I had "lemon ricotta friters," which I think was a code name for DONUT HOLES!  They were really like the best donut holes you could ever eat, covered in powdered sugar and strawberries.  I also had a salad, which was not photo worthy, but equally delish.  Yes people, I said it --- I HAD DONUTS AND A SALAD for brunch! Look at these things though!

Dinner with my friend Mel and her hubby was at this place called Co-Op in the West Village.  The food was great, but the place was too dark for me to take any good pics.  The interior was very cool though.  I was told these are all polaroids of people in the neighborhood.


A good weekend.  I'm a little obsessed with the chandeliers at both places.  More on the weekend tomorrow.  This gal needs some sleep for the week!


stephanie howell said...

i can't WAIT until we are on your calendar. :)

TheDayleigh said...

I already have restos picked out in Newport Stephanie Howell - be prepared! :) lol. jk. Sorta.

Coll said...

Umm hello YUM and BTW I love that photo wall on the last pic. How cool!

Coll said...

Love the photo wall in the last picture and that food looks seriously YUM!

Maira Gall