For Gulls, Not Bouys

Striped Top & Sweater: Jcrew Factory; Jeans: Hudson; Boots: Hunter; Sunnies: Kohls

I match the Bouys.

So here's a random education in things New England:
The little things that hang off the side of boats, mark lobster pots, or act as channel markers... they're called "BOUYS." Webster says that is pronounced: "Boo-EE." 
However, most people in New England pronounce that word "BOY."   
You cannot imagine the confusion that caused the first time D and I were out on the water together.

Me: Looking out at the water - "Watch out for the Bouy"
D: What Boy?
Me: The Bouy, honey, in the middle of the channel.
D: What? I don't see anything? Where do you see a Boy? I don't see him.
Me: Right THERE! Right in front of you. What do you mean "him?"
D: Ohhhh... you mean the BOO-EE
Me: Yeah. That's what I said.  THE BOUY.
D: Honey, I thought you were talking about a kid, in the water.
Me: Well its not my fault you don't know how to pronounce Bouy.  :)

And now you understand the title of this blog post - For Gulls, Not Bouys! :)
Ahh, I feel so very close to my roots right now.  My Nana would be proud!


Anonymous said...

Super witty! I love everything about this post (the laid back outfits, the awesome title, the great writing).

All over great!


stephanie howell said...

Haha. I never knew that. Laughing so hard imagining that conversation. Love the outfit here btw. You make me want to be less frumpy. :)

Coll said...

that's hysterical! I love the jeans in the boots.

Maira Gall