just call me imelda

Denim Shirt: Jcrew; Dress as Skirt: Zara; Bag: Zara; Shoes: Calvin Klein; Sunnies: RB

 I like this turning my dresses into skirts thing.  
It's a lot easier than I thought it would be and, with the right dress, it's not noticeable at all.
I think it might be the easiest way to expand my wardrobe.

Tonight I am going through my summer clothes and purging. That's right. Purging.
My little NYC apartment and little closet that I share with D is pleading, PLEADING for some relief.
I am also going to be purging shoes.  Sadly.
I love shoes like Imelda Marcos.
I don't have 2,700 pairs like she did (true story), but I do have quite a few that I probably don't need. Sadly, there are even some in there that I've barely worn (THE SHAME!).
I'm not sure what I'm going to do with all of it yet.
I just can't talk myself into giving Charles David shoes to good will.

I'm Leigh.
I'm addicted to shoes.


Anna said...

Stop being so gawgeous! It's not fair! ;)

Coll said...

Agree with the comment above. I'm with the wearing the dress as a skirt thing, but what do you do with the bottom of your shirt? Splain! :)

Julie said...

Beautiful and chic look! You should put a store on your blog to sell of your things. I am sure that they would be gone in a flash.


Shea said...

I love this look, and I wouldn't have even known that was a dress if I hadn't seen you wear it as a dress in another post! And my closet is getting very cramped too... I dread to think about what's going to happen when I start putting in all my winter stuff!!

t said...

Such a great outfit!


Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

You should totally sell your clothes online. If that's too much work, you know how I feel about your clothes. ;D

Carolyn said...

The color of that bag is delicious.

Seriously, if you want to get rid of your shoes, just set up a blogpost with photos and prices. I'm praying you're a 9 so I can raid your shoe closet!

Maira Gall