you're in the wrong state

Dress: Zara - Shoes: Nine West - Jewelry: PX, Jcrew, Bloomies - Nailpolish: Essie Turquoise&Caicos (seen on another blogger)
"Ma'am, you're in the wrong state."
In giving directions to tourists in Manhattan, I never thought I'd say "you're in the wrong state." 
But, it happened this weekend. 
A very nice woman, who spoke no English, approached me with a confused look and a map.  The map had circles, some writing in kanji (maybe) and a street name in English.  
I read the street name and she pointed to the street sign on the corner. 
"New York," she said.
I looked at the map and my phone and deduced she was in the WRONG STATE.  
"Ummm, no, New Jersey." I said.
I pointed to the Path station on her map and then walked her over to it.

The whole incident made me laugh and wonder...
how lost have I really been in the countries I've been lost in.  
Probably pretty dang lost.  :)


kelly said...

oh goodness i adore this dress!!!

Jane said...

I love all those colors in the dress + the stacked bangles. Super summery!

:) I have an awful sense of direction, so I know exactly how your lost lady felt.

Julie said...

Okay, the one thing I have learned recently is that I need to find a Zara store ASAP! WOW, I get the feeling everything in this store must be fabulous. Your dress is amazing and I am in love with all of the bangles.



Julie said...

One other how you used nude colored shoes to let the dress shine.



Ashley Sisk said...

That's a very sassy dress! love it.

missing moments said...

I love the colors and processing of each photo!

Patty said...


Coll said...

I love this dress, a lot and I love your bracelets!

Katie said...

This dress is absolutely beautiful! Did you get it recently?

Audrey said...

I saw a woman wearing this at church last week, and all I could think of was you. Well, that...and, "Dang it! Why isn't Zara in San Diego!?!?"

Maira Gall