Tunic: Zara - Jeans: Gap - Shoes: Zappos (CK) - Jewelry: JCrew, MK - Sunnglasses: Kohls - Bag: Olivia Harris

When in need of a quick photo location before the sun goes down -  head to the rooftop!
I feel like I looked a little pained in that last picture there.
D keeps telling me I need to relax.
I think he's right.  My facial expressions are a mess. Ha!

I'm sitting here eating some mac and cheese and Seamus is on the floor next to me chewing his evening treat-stick and I keep hearing this "boom, Boom, BOOM"  I thought it was a truck or something, you know, NYC noise.  But it persisted long enough that I finally looked out the window and there were fireworks coming up over the Brooklyn Bridge.  So cool!  Pre-Fourth of July festivities are in full swing!  Have to make a plan for the holiday soon!
Day 2 done - Boom!


Sarah said...

So beautiful. Love them! I love your necklace.

Sarah said...

Not only is this look gorgeous, but you match the background! The color of your necklace really ties this together perfectly!

Patty said...

i love the aqua elements from your watch and necklace :) gorgeous!

Leigh Erin said...

Thanks girls, I love the aqua too!

lucydazilma said...

you have such cute jewelry and accessories! jealz. love all the posts so far.

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