blackhawk helicopter pilot shoots camera

Shirt: JCrew - Skirt: Zara - Belt: Thrifted - Flower: EmersonMade - Jewelry: BR +gifts - Shoes: NineWest - Sunglasses: Kohls

D is a UH-60 Blackhawk pilot.  
He can make a huge, very expensive machine that has thousands of buttons and nobs, float off the ground, into the air... while people are shooting at him.  This fact will forever amaze and impress me.  My camera has far fewer buttons and nobs and requires a different kind of shooting, but its not the easiest thing to maneuver.  So, I told him that I needed him to work my camera and take some pictures.  To be honest, I didn't really think it was going to go well.  First, because I'm far more comfortable behind the camera and a little awkward in front of it.  Second, because I wasn't sure how much patience D would have for this little exercise.  

But, I thought he did pretty darn good!  
So, in the middle of shooting, I told him so.  
Well.  He must have felt pretty good about the job he was doing too because suddenly... 
the project had a new creative director. ;)

Lesson: Never give a military guy the opportunity to "command the mission."
You may never get it back.
I barely made it out of there. Seriously.

PS:  I'm starting my 30 for 30 late.  My "photographer" was out of town.


Anonymous said...

i love your red skirt! and great job on the photos to D :) so talented haha :)

Kara P. said...

I love your outfit. You look great. The entire look is perfect. Red, chambray, Emersonmade. You just can't go wrong with the combination.

Anonymous said...

Those photos do look good! You are totally making me want a denim shirt, which I have never really wanted before. I guess that means your working it ;) And that belt and skirt... Well, let's just say awesome and leave it at that.

Anonymous said...

HOW COOL that your husband is a Blackhawk pilot!

You look fabulous - I like the combination of casual chic items.

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

You are Gorgeous girl!!! Love the pics!! Happy Tuesday!

Sue said...

Cute story. Made me smile.

I love the pics.


Uyen said...

You look beautiful! I think he did an awesome job!

Anonymous said...

I love these. You are gorgeous!

TheDayleigh said...

thanks ladies! Yeah, I think the denim shirt might get a little wear in the 30for30!

Sarah said...

Look at how lucky you are to have that backdrop!!

Julie said...

WOW! Your pictures are amazing. I have been looking for a denim shirt for awhile now. You have motivated me to pick up the search again because you look FABULOUS!



P.S. Thanks for checking out OAGJ:)

Maira Gall