closet envy

Question: When you clean out your closet, what do you do with your clothes? Goodwill? Consignment?

I share a closet with my husband and now my little man.  It also stores any baby necessities, extra car seats, blankets, clothes he's grown out of, etc.  Its about 20 square feet and it is packed to the gills! In the morning, when I fight my clothes out, I sometimes dream of the day that my closet would look like something below.   I'll never own as many clothes as are in the bottom photo, but to be that organized and pretty would be grand.  

I am going to have to start the process of cleaning out my closet.


Jane Squared said...

I really like this service called Twice. It's super easy, you just pack up your stuff, print out a shipping label and arrange to have your old clothes sent off. I've used it once (reviewed here if you're interested), and I will forever be a fan :)

Meg said...

I just donated a bag full of clothes to goodwill. I realize that I keep clothes for sentimental value. So I'm stuck with a lot of clothes I don't wear, but can't part with.

jodi said...

I usually donate to goodwill or salvation army. But I have to say, I am lazy about it. I have had several bags on the floor of our bedroom for weeks (months?) waiting to be sorted through & donated.

Maira Gall