Vermont Part II

Below freezing temps in Vermont meant -- the Ben & Jerry's Factory?? Yes!  Its heated, so it made it a little less crazy that we were eating Ice Cream when it was 15 below.  We also needed no excuse to eat a half-dozen HOT apple cider donuts...every morning... after breakfast.  I would be more ashamed of this fact, but the violent shivering from being so cold HAS to burn calories!  We were just supplementing. Lost calories. That's right.  At least that's what we told ourselves until we got home.  D went on a diet as soon as we crossed the border out of Vermont. 

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Coll said...

Looks beautiful. I love the picture of the covered bridge.

PS - if the food looked that tasty and it was that cold outside, I would have done the same thing you guys did!

Maira Gall