it was not food poisioning

Shirt: Jcrew; Dress worn as skirt: Zara; Necklace: BR; Bracelets: Mom's & F21; Shoes: Nine West

the good news - what D had was not food poisioning
the bad news - what D had was not food poisioning
and he gave it to me.
and paramedics were called at one point.
on the upside, I may now fit in to all those clothes that I thought I "grew out of."
Actually, that news just complicates my closet, but maybe I'm being a touch sarcastic.
Fortunately, I think we insulated the bug in our apartment, so we didn't share with anybody. :)

I'm off for my first real meal since last Saturday - Shake Shack.
I think I deserve it. I'm hoping my tummy agrees! :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Adrienna said...

I LOVE this skirt! It's perfect, and matching it with a jean jacket was so clever! I would have never thought of that. I might have to get a jean jacket now!


Cathy said...

Plus side is you look amazing! :) So sorry-that is the worst illness in my opinion! Yuck!

Anonymous said...

You def deserve it! Glad you're feeling better :)

&& Looking gorgeous.


Audrey said...

Oh, man. That's so sad about the stomach bug you both had. What's NOT sad, though, is your outfit! You know how I feel about your clothes, Leigh. I feel like a broken record.

Stephanie Howell said...

ohhhh nooooooo leigh. that's HORRIBLE. i feel nauseated just thinking about it. :( so glad y'all are better now. i once caught a bug at west point. it hit me on the plane ride home. that was awesomeness. j, harper,and sadie didn't get it until we were at home. but of course i had it on a plane ride. ahhh fond memories.
can i pls come visit NYC just to go shopping with you? okay? okay. it's settled then.

Shea said...

I hope that you're feeling much better now and able to enjoy your dinner! I love how you're wearing that dress as a skirt, especially with that denim top!

TheDayleigh said...

Thanks all, I feel much much better. @ Stephanie - On a plane!? No thank you! ugh!

Coll said...

love that you're wearing the dress as a skirt and I love that the belt is so close in color to the shirt. Makes it look seamless!

Van said...

Gorgeous dress! I'm loving how the denim brings it down a notch, but the pretty accessories bring it up a notch--or two, or three. It's a perfect balance, really. You look beautiful!
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