"no fireworks here officer"

Striped Tee, Button down, Shorts: JCrew - Shoes: Nine West - Jewelry: Kolhs, MK - Belt: Vintage - Hat: Husbands

I marvel at the fact that I spent a good part of the weekend in the sun, yet I still look like I have a serious Vitamin D deficiency.  Photoshop or not, I just can't fashion myself a tan. ;)

Snapped these photos before heading up the coast to see my family for the 4th.  I'm not going to lie though - those cute cheetah print flats got kicked off and replaced with my sperry's.  The horse hair cheetahs would have a short life if I stomped around the marsh in them.

My brother, husband and cousins enjoyed a little fireworks display in the backyard.  Everyone was very entertained.  Including the police.  Who stopped by for a visit.  Fortunately, someone across the street was setting off bigger and better fireworks and the police headed in their direction.  Surely to congratulate them on the outstanding display.  We, of course, applauded.  From the porch.  Where, we were NOT lighting off fireworks...Officer.

God Bless America!


Julie said...

I the soft colors in this look. I wouldn't have jeopradized the cheetah flats either.


Marie-Eve said...

Very cute ! Love the striped tee under the shirt !

Audrey said...

I totally agree with Marie-Eve. What a cute pairing of stripes with the plaid!

Audrey @ Putting Me Together

Coll said...

Agree with everyone else - love the stripes and the check!

Maira Gall