hey man, we stylin'

Shirt: JCrew - Pants: Anthro - Belt: Old Navy - Shoes: Zappos - Necklace: Buckle - Sunglasses: Kohls.

This is my little non-work version of menswear.  I will take a pair of wide leg pants anytime.  Jeans, slacks, whatever.  They're so comfortable, I feel like I could do gymnastics in them.  If I was flexible. At all. Which I'm not.  So maybe I'll just say you can take naps in them.  I'm good at sleeping.  These pictures were being taken quickly, but after the 30 for 30 is over, this outfit will be making a repeat appearance for sure.

D & I spent the weekend at the beach in Connecticut to celebrate my daddy's birthday with the family.  We played with the doggies in the ocean, had a BBQ and early 4th of July fireworks.  We seriously miss having a BBQ in NYC, so its always a treat when we go to visit my parents.

Unfortunately, the BBQ smoke did not keep the bugs away, so I have about a BRAZILLION bug bites.  I've been itching all day.... in fact, I'm ashamed to say, I stopped to itch several times during the composition of this blog post.  I just itched again. Help! :)


Coll said...

love the check shirt and the pants. You're too cute!

deb duty said...

Very cute top! Love the big checks.

Ashley Sisk said...

I love a good wide leg pant - where'd you get those?

Patty said...

menswear is awesome. you look feminine still and yet i love the sharp lines and the gingham!!!

eek said...

Fabulous take on menswear!

Thanks for your sweet comment :)

Jane Squared said...

I'm also really inspired by menswear. It's always my favorite parts of catalogs. :)

I just started following your blog, and I really enjoy the photography.


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