photo of the day: 4.17.2010

Va - Va - Va - VROOOOOOM!!!!!!!!

Today, we happened upon the Ferrarri Club's Spring Thaw.  The Blue 330 GTC in the background was my favorite.

We got to peruse a ton of Ferrari’s, a beautiful XK-E (just like my dad had) and the newest tragedy to happen to luxury sports cars -- a Maserati sedan - UGH! Now anybody who knows me knows that my "dream car" is the Porsche 356 speedster or the Maserati 3200 GT coupe (although that might be replaced by the new Grantourismo S). So, I really can't figure out why any sports car manufacturer take the beautiful lines of a sports car and stretch it and bloat it to a four seat "family car." Gross. The four-door Porsche sedan - Really Gross. My dad and I parked next to one of those at the grocery store over Christmas and literally sat in the car staring at in astonishment trying to figure out why...

You know what's also gross - Automatic Sports cars are gross. Seriously, who buys those?

This diatribe has been brought to you by: 
My car-obsessed family. 
My parents’ photo albums dedicated to their cars. 
My mom, who used to invite people to look at the engine in her car, seriously. 
My dad, who could point at almost any cool sports car on the road and say "I used to own one of those." 
And the acronyms MGB, XKE and TVR. 
(If you had to look any of those up, I laugh at you. Kidding!)


melissa said...

Awesome! What an event to 'happen upon'! Um, loser Dave bought an automatic sports car. Are you surprised? I'm not. haha

melissa said...

Oh, and I bet your family watches Top Gear too! And if YOU have to look that up, I laugh at you! ;)

D Izzo said...

don't be a car snob honey

Leigh Erin said...

I just don't get the auto sports car thing, truly. Maybe that's just because I started out on a standard Jeep, which has the LONGEST clutch in the world. After driving that, in hilly CT, anything is easy! :)

melissa said...

Maybe driving that Jeep here is it, but, personally, I think you just happen to understand that anything less than a standard sports car is just unacceptable and not a real sports car.

Maira Gall