4 Months of Puppy Love!

A picture is worth 1000 words right? Well, not always...

Today, we celebrate 4 glorious months of Seamus. He's 6 months old today. This picture is Seamus' first night home - 8 weeks old.  So cute. So calm. So STUCK UNDER THE COFFEE TABLE -- crying! 

The News was predicting the "storm of the decade" in DC.  So, the family we got him from called us to come and pick him up a day early.  We were totally unprepared. I had a list of things to do, but nothing was done.  The house had not been "puppy-proofed."  We had no crate.  We had no dog food.  We didn't even have a leash.

When we got home, D went straight to the PX to pick up supplies, so it was just Seamus and I in the house.  He investigated his new environment by scurrying from one hiding place to another.  Then he bolted into the living room and wiggled himself under the coffee table.  

Until, he couldn't get out.  

I tried to pull him out by the shoulders, but once he got moving, he'd try and stand up.  So, he cried.  Stuck under the table.  And I cried.  Lying next to the table.  We just looked at each other and I rubbed his tiny paw, until D came home to lift up the super-heavy table.  He was completely fine.  I was traumatized.

What a way to start the first night in a new home?!

I didn't think our house could get any happier, but then we got this tail-wagging ball of affection.  :)


Coll said...

funny, but only because I cannot see you crying... well, maybe on the floor along with Seamus.

Donna said...

Yes,and a week later Seamus took up the under coffee table position in our living room on Christmas morning and didn't come out during the cascade of wrapping paper and ribbons flying around him. Surprised all of us!

Maira Gall