The weekend starts TODAY!
Strawberry picking season is at its prime in Texas and other places and we are reaping the rewards.
I am going to make something delicious with these over the weekend.

We are going to be putting together a plan for little man's 1st Birthday next weekend. I can't believe it.  I feel like just yesterday I was telling D not to finish another beer because I thought we were definitely going to the hospital.   
True Story

Then on Memorial Day -
We are going to attend our local Parade to wave our flags for all the veterans who march in remembrance of their friends who didn't come home.  We will remember my great uncle who we lost in WWII, my parents friends who were lost in Vietnam and D's friends who were lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And we will celebrate these heroes the way most military men I know like to be hailed - with a raised glass, a smile and... an inappropriate story.

How are you all honoring our fallen heroes this Memorial Day?

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Meg said...

He's 1 already?!! How crazy. Happy birthday to him and D!

Maira Gall