I think only parents of 4 invite someone with an 11 month old to come and STAY... IN THEIR HOME... FOR THE WEEKEND! :)  HA!  So, last weekend we drove up to Newport, RI to visit our dear friends before the Army moves them.  It was so nice to be able to visit with Stephanie and J and their crew this weekend, Stephanie always makes me laugh.  I refer to them as, "our dear old friends that I never knew I had" -- because in this Army sometimes you don't get to see your friends for YEARS. 

Little C was outnumbered by the ladies, 4 to 1.  I think he liked it.  They have the sweetest girls I've ever met and their little two year old twins are a riot.  I predict they will be on Saturday Night Live in 20 years.  D and I liked rolling with a crew this big.  I especially liked when the hostess looked at me like I had lost my mind when I said "party of 9...5 kids, 3 highchairs."  I hope we get to do it again soon.  Maybe next time, we'll visit them at their new duty station in Italy!  


Some Must See's in Newport:
- Sunset Drinks at Fluke Wine Bar
- Drinks (try the Mead) at Pour Judgment
- Eat at Brick Alley Pub
- Lobster (LOBSTAH!) Rolls from Anthony's Seafood (thanks Stephanie!)
- Walk along the Cliff Walk to see all the pretty Mansions
- Drive along Ocean Drive
- Visit Fort Adams State Park
- Shop along Thames Street


stephanie howell said...

we had an AMAZING time with y'all. love you!

Coll said...

Great pics. I love the one with you and your little boy. Great sweater!!! Where is that from?

Maira Gall