st patrick's day

I'm a couple weeks behind on here, but bear with me.

St. Patrick's Day is HUGE in New York.  Everyone is a little Irish, a lot happy and in some cases a little intoxicated - it was a weekend after all!  We didn't partake in the imbibing, but we put on our green pants, our shamrock socks and headed to the parade.  St. Patrick himself blessed us with this beautiful blizzard of snow.  I seized the opportunity to expose this little man to the glistening white flakes that I love so much!

He was unsure.  He ducked, he frowned, he spotted one on my scarf and tried to grab it.  The whole thing was a little overwhelming, so he buried his face in my scarf and waited for me to put him back into the safety of his stroller.

So, he doesn't love the white stuff just yet.  It's coming.  I'm patient.  I know the day will come when I'll peel off his snowy mittens and wet pants and wonder if he's wet from the snow or sweat.  We'll sit down at the kitchen table for grilled cheese and hot tomato soup with some hot chocolate for dessert.  I'll throw his clothes in the dryer, but before they're finished, I'll cave to his begging to go out and play a little more before it gets dark.  I know how this goes.

Now, the question is - while he is out there, will he build a fort and load it with snowballs to ambush his father when he gets out of the car for work?  I'm thinking the answer to this is a resounding yes


Pieni Lintu said...

That photo is so lovely. <3

Meg said...

his little face is so precious.

Maira Gall