serious conversations

There's something funny about how serious this little person gets.  When he focuses on something and gets serious, he furrows his brow, pushes out his lips and has almost a lazer gaze.  In this picture he was serious about my hair, whether it came off and if he could get it in his mouth.  Somedays it makes me sad that this little person won't always fit in my lap and won't always want to play with my hair.  Then I have to remind myself that a growing, healthy baby is nothing to be sad about.

At some point here I am going to have to drop him off at daycare.  We've had the luxury of him being at home for more than 10 months.  I do not think the daycare transition is going to go well.  My internal debate is -- who is going to cry more - me or him???  I'm thinking I might win and the mascara running down my face will surely make for ONE UGLY cry.  I am such an ugly crier.

We will see how long I can avoid this transition...I hear the Jeopardy Song in the back of my head "do do do do do do do... do do do do... .DO... dodododo" or is that the theme song for Jaws?


meg said...

What a sweet post. He's so big now!

jodi said...

haha. you're right; that is the jeopardy! song. ;)

Coll said...

Beautiful shot and I love how you're holding him so close!

Maira Gall