projects for this year


I'm starting off this year thinking I'm going to take on a few new projects.  Challenge myself creatively.  Inspire myself. Realistically, I may not get to most of these, but a few of them seem pretty easy. 

1. This App to organize 365 Photos and then Print them!

2. Project Life - An everyday scrapbook. These ladies make it look fun: Kelly - Stephanie - Jodi

3. This modern take on Quilting. The DIY kits make me want to get out my sewing machine!

4. The Four Seasons of Embroidery from Purl Soho

5. An edible craft - making your own Cheese! (Thanks to a special Christmas gift, this one I'm doing.)

6. A little libation in the form of a good Brew. (Also happening over here thanks to hubby!)

7. Lots of edible goodness using THIS little puppy that I got for my birthday. Recipes appreciated! ;)

What about you? Are you guys starting any new projects this year?


Coll said...

That app is awesome. Thanks for the list. One of my new projects for this year is to paint and redo my kitchen. Not a small task, but there's definitely a list of DIYs!

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

Yesssss I'm so glad that you are returning to your blog. I've missed you on here.

meg said...

I'm doing project life toooooo!

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