Resolution #5

I may not get to do very much of the travel this year.
Unless local travel counts.
Eating well, however, THAT I can arrange.

New Years Resolution #5 - Eat out at a new restaurant with my mister each week.

Living in NYC, we eat out at least once a week, but its usually to the same few places in the neighborhood.  But that's just because when we're tired and we just want an "easy" dinner, we're not really willing to put that much thought into the location.  Part of our resolution is to make a list of places that we have been meaning to try.  Still working on the list...


stephanie howell said...

great resolution. i'm coming to move in with y'all stat. hope you don't mind an invasion of 948082342302380283 howell girls.

Clare Christine said...

What a wonderful resolution, I am envious of that one!! I just happened upon your blog and I think it is darling, so glad I found it! Enjoy the rest of your week (and your dinner out!) Also, if you're going to a new place each week, then of course if counts as traveling :)
Twirling Clare

Maira Gall