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Rockefeller Center; D & I heading toward the tree
Rock Center and Radio City
Decorations are everywhere; Roasted Chestnuts and Hot Pretzels
Rockefeller Center at Night; Me & D trying out my new Camera Phone!

Right before Christmas I got to upgrade my phone and I finally got to download Instagram!  So it took me about an hour or so to realize that when you take a picture with Instagram, its uploaded to the Instagram sight...and anyone who wants to see it can see it.  Ooops! Not exactly private. Anybody have Instagram?  I want to follow you! (In a non-creepy way, of course).

D and I walked around the City to check out the Christmas decorations and do a little shopping the day before Christmas.  Walking around to look in the windows of Saks Fifth Avenue and see Rockefeller Center is NYC's version of driving around the neighborhood looking at everyone's Christmas lights.  :)

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Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

I'm juuusstttt starting to use Instagram. I'm still a little haphazard at it, but I started a photo challenge from another blog that's making me take a pic of various random things each day. Hopefully it'll get me in the Instagram groove. What's your username? I'm moomooaudrey

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