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I just had to share this from pinterest.  
For those of us who still like to play "dress up" and feel like a "princess" - perfect!
I think I love Snow White (love that ring!) and Jasmine (love those colors and that dress) the best.
How bout you? ;)


Melissa said...

this post is great! Ariel is my fave princess so that would be my top pick but also love Aurora and Jasmine as well! This would be a fun post to act out :)!

I am following you on Go Chic or Go Home as well as on Bloglovin!


Michelle said...

so cute! the ariel look is spot on :)

Coll said...

Love this - so cute. I love those boots that pocahontas has in her look. Plus all the pink that Aurora and Rapunzel have. Love pink!

Heather McClain said...

This is fantastic! I didn't realize I had an inner-princess until I saw this. I would love to play dress up as Ariel or Belle!

Anonymous said...

This is great! I think I really like the Cinderella outfit, which is weird because she is definitely not my favorite princess. I Just really like that dress, and that mouse pin (or ring maybe?) is really cute!

Cathy said...

OMGoodness I LOVE this! Just had to re-pin it! I am ready to go dress up now! :)

TheDayleigh said...

Whoever put this together was a very clever lady!

Maira Gall