the blues

The temperature dropped 20 degrees, so I went to pick out a more fall like shade of polish.
I settled on this shade of blue.  I know, its blue, but its such a great hue.
Yes, that just rhymed and I'm a little ashamed.
It dries a little darker than it looks, but I like it because it covers very quickly!

My "fall" apparel is still stored away at my parents house and I haven't had a free day to get out there and unpack it.  Hopefully, next weekend sometime, but we'll have to see.

Anyway, after I bought this color I noticed its similar to Chanel's Les Jeans de Chanel.

Love it!  Especially since my bottle cost 1/6th of the price of a bottle of Chanel polish.
I just can't make that kind of commitment to nail polish people! :)
What color are you sporting this fall?


Ashley Sisk said...

Oh yes - I'm loving these shades of blue! perfect for the cooler weather.

Anonymous said...

Blue is definitely one of my go to colors for fall!

As for Chanel nail-polish, I've had a few that I received as a gift and the consistency and quality really disappointed me :(


Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

Looks awesome! I'm not daring enough to try blue polish, but I think you could ROCK IT.


EverydayMomStyle said...

Maybe I'm old fashioned,or out of style, but I never wear colored polish on my fingernails... now toes, that's another story!

TheDayleigh said...

That's funny you should say that. I never used to either, I was a nude or french mani gal, but for some reason all the color over the summer inspired me. Even my BFF who visited me this summer was like "You're wearing colored nailpolish... so not like you, but cool!" :)

Maira Gall