i talk to my dog

Dress: Zara; Jacket: Express; Shoes: Nine West; Necklace: BR; Clutch: Lorelei NYC
I talk to my dog. I do.
And I don't mean "good boy" or things like that. I mean we full on conversations.
And he looks at me and turns his head, inquisitively and I feel like he knows what I'm saying. When I get excited about something, he gets excited too - wagging his tail and "talking" to me through little barks and growls. Sometimes I think he smiles at me.  (I laughed while I typed that, BTW.)

So, this morning, Seamus and I were having a little conversation on his walk and as I rounded out our full on "conversation" about the fall weather we came upon a poilice officer and his K-9 unit standing at the corner of the park .  I thought he was going to think I had lost my mind because, of course, I wasn't having this "conversation" with Seamus under whispers.  Noooooo... I was talking to him like he was D!  There wasn't anybody in the park, so why not.  He may have thought I had lost my mind.  But he didn't let on.  Instead, he smiled at us and looked over at his lab and said, "yeah buddy, you're gonna love the drop in temperature too..."
This morning I became the weird dog lady.  
I feel like I should get a hat or something to go with my title.


Coll said...

Love this look. I love the easiness of the leather jacket over the striped dress. It looks like a totally different dress than what I've seen on here before. As an aside, I also love the black, white and brown with a pop of color. That clutch is divine!

Audrey @ Putting Me Together said...

Love the outfit. Great dress, AMAZING jacket, and that pop of color in the bag is poifect! I think it's perfectly find that you converse with Seamus. I may be immune, though. My best friend has full on conversations--very, very loud ones--with herself. And I used to carry conversations with my stuffed animals as a kid...and they talked back to me. You're fine...it probably helps that you dress so chic which eliminates one very important indicator of a crazy lady.

Ashley Sisk said...

You just rock those stripes every time...I actually thought of you while shopping one day. Saw stripes and thought of you. :)

TheDayleigh said...

I'm not sure when I picked up all these striped things, but I have noticed a serious affinity for them! :) lol

Jill said...

I talk to my dog all the time! I forget when we're out on walks, but I'm definitely crazy dog lady as well.

Also, I just picked up that jacket at Buffalo Exchange and I'm obsessed. It's perfect for this weather. Alas, mine's missing the belt, but I still love it.

TheDayleigh said...

Oh you make me feel so much better for talking to him! :) I'm totally the crazy dog lady in my neighborhood now.

Shea said...

Also very guilty of that. I talk to my dog Ellie all the time--and I agree, it really does seem like she's listening. Especially when she cocks her head to the side. So you're definitely not the only crazy dog lady :)

EverydayMomStyle said...

I love love love this outfit! So cool pairing the leather jacket with the striped dress! Very cool!

Maira Gall