dear america

By now, you've probably heard that ZARA opened its online store in the USA!
I am most excited about the clothes, but as a photography lover, I'm also excited about their Dear America project.

To mark the launch of its e-commerce platform in the US, Zara has commissioned photographs of each of the nation's states. Noah KalinaPeter Baker and Stephen Tamiesie are just some of the 24 photographers participating in the 'Dear America' campaign, comprising 50 photos which can be viewed on Zara's US website beginning tomorrow, September 7.

The photos for each state are so unpredictable, which makes me love all 50!  I wish they were for sale - I would scoop them right up!  Here are some of my favorites:
Dear Connecticut
Dear Georgia
Dear Idaho
Dear New Jersey
Dear New York
Head over to Zara and check out your state!


matthew coleman said...

I took the New Jersey photograph, and you can indeed buy it!

A beautiful collection though, wonderfully curated by Zara.

TheDayleigh said...

Michael, congrats on a beautiful photo. I seriously love it! Can you give me some purchase details? Are they available through Zara? Thanks for commenting and letting me know!

Coll said...

Awesome Collection. I checked it out on (after I place my order - ha!). I want to know where to buy too!

Maira Gall