Ever since I got a digital camera -- my pictures live in my computer. Well... no more! 
I have been looking at and crushing on MyPublisher for a couple years now. 
Yes, years. (I have a talent for procrastination).
I finally decided to do a book to see how it came out.
I put together our vacation photos from our trip to the French and Italian Riviera last year.
and I LOVED the way the book came out.  

Evidently MyPublisher loved it too because they featured it on their facebook page today! Yay!! :)
See the whole Album HERE

Thanks for the love MyPublisher! ;) 


Shandi said...

I'd never heard of MyPublisher before, I may have to look into it for my photos from studying abroad. I've been spending the last two years wanting, but dreading, to scrapbook them!

Audrey said...

Cool! Congratulations, Leigh!

Julie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE MyPublisher! Congrats on being featured. I love how easy it is to use and the hardcover books are beautiful! I actually started to take more pictures because of making a book of pictures from the year:)

Your photo book is lovely. What an amazing vacation!


Coll said...

Leigh Congrats! I've always wanted to try mypublisher for vacation photos. I think I might just do it now. Your photos are amazing. I guess Project 365 paid off!

Maira Gall