why are you wet?

tunic: Zara - Vest: BR - Belt: Anthro - Jeans: Hudson - Shoes: CK Zappos - Watch: MK - Bracelet: F21

First, there was no auto focus.  
"Is this thing on?"
Then there was water that came from above, but it was not raining. (...too many possibilities.)
"Why are you wet? Where is that coming from?"
Then there was a tourist who took my picture (weird).  
"Honey, your not looking at the camera..."
Then there was the fact that when I woke up this AM they said it was going to be about 20 degrees cooler than it was.
"Wait, we're not done taking pictures."
Yes, actually, we are.

This may have been my most traumatic 30 for 30 day.
These are the only two pics that came out.
Don't worry.  I rallied.  I walked across the street and bought myself a pint of Ben & Jerry's Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream.  And THAT, people, is how you "recover!" :) Booyah!


alicia said...

Adorable. Love that vest!

Julie said...

These pics look terrific:) Yummy on the ice cream! I love Red Velvet!


Audrey said...

Ben and Jerry's RED VELVET? Did not know that existed. Thank you for enlightening me, Leigh. And of course a tourist would take your picture. You look like a celebrity in that fantastic outfit of yours.

Coll said...

Bahaha! Red Velvet Ice cream sounds delish! Love that vest too!

Sil said...

I love Ben and Jerry's, it always helps. I also love how you decided to use the belt backwards.

Maira Gall