hola amigos! spent last weekend on the beach here on the riveria maya in Mexico.  We were here for a work thing for D (so not all fun and games), but I still managed to find the beach and stay there for the majority of the weekend under one of these palm-brellas

D laughed at me everytime I called it the "palm-brella," but what do you call these things anyway?  So, despite some serious SPF, I still managed to walk away with a weird sunburn on back where someone missed with the sunscreen. hmmmm... someone... Anyway, I figure by the end of the week my back will look zebra striped.  good thing animal prints are in style.


deb duty said...

These are so much better than the green umbrellas we had last week at the beach! Beautiful photo!

alicia said...

That looks like an amazing time. Love the umbrellas! What a great photo op. lol.

April said...

ooohhh.. i want a palm-brella! very pretty picture

Coll said...

looks amazing. I think they should be called "Palm brellas" if they aren't already!

Maira Gall