H&M Home

This is a random post... 
but did any of you know that H&M has a home line?!
I looked through it today and its pretty awesome!
I don't think its available in the US yet, but maybe sometime soon.

I'll take all three of the above rooms.
The table runners and the curtains are beautiful.
I think I could wear them. ha!
Check out the full line here: H&M Home
Check out more on Pinterest


D Izzo said...

More furniture? yes please. because you know what I do well?

'I lift things up and put them down'.

Meagan said...

So pretty! I love Pinterest. Don't you? You can find anything on there!

Leovi said...

Beautiful and lovely designs, beautiful photos.

leigh said...

Beautiful! H&M is--by far-- my favorite store. I think I would get into so much trouble if they had a home store in the U.S.
<3 leigh

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