Project 365

(No, I don't fancy myself Marilyn Monroe - I just liked the picture! :) lol)

It's official!
Project 365 for 2010/2011 is done!
Sorry for the late announcement....

12 months
~340 pictures posted
~9539 photos taken
10 states
4 countries

I didn't actually get all 365 photos posted - more like 340 or so - but my real goals were to:
1. inspire myself to do something that I love everyday and;
2. to learn how to better use my nicey-nice camera.
I'm still learning all the wonderful things my camera does, but all in all - Mission Accomplished!

Now, I'm trying to fit all these photos in an album.  More on that later...

Turns out....
I really did need the motivation of Project 365.
A few days ago, I looked over at my camera bag and noticed it was covered with dust.  DUST.
It has been a while since I took a photo ... and apparently since I dusted.
I'm a little ashamed.
So, I dusted off my bag, took out my camera and decided to start a new project.
Not 365, but something else.  I'm still working on the details.


frecklesandfences said...

Congrats on finishing your project! I've often wondered what I will do when I'm done with mine (I'm only 136 days into my project). I hit a slump last week but have powered through and hopefully I'm on the upswing.

Elizabeth said...

Wow your pictures are amazing! What a fab idea also, this type of thing would definitely motivate me to get the hang of my camera -- and also notice the special little things in each day.

Becky said...

Wow, that's quite an accomplishment. I love my 365 project but it can be a bit of a pain sometimes. But you're right--the guilt of it FORCES me to take photos. I hope you don't let your camera get dusty again!

Allison Hoffman said...

wow - congrats on the huge accomplishment -

Coll said...

Congrats on being done. I really loved seeing your photos everyday. Do another one! i miss it!

Maira Gall